The Complete List of Dog Breeds

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The challenge is on: can you list all dog breeds from A to Z verbatim without checking the list below? Don’t worry if you can’t as the number of recognised dog breeds is over 500. What’s more the number of breeds fluctuates as new breeds are recognised and obscure dogs are no longer bred.



If you’d like to make learning about dog breeds fun, you can turn it into a fun memory game. Grab a friend or family member and take it in turns of stating a dog breed, each breed can only be said once and the winner is the last one standing. So if you are going to play, don’t read this post yet as you’ll have a very unfair advantage. If, on the other hand, you’re keen to increase your general K9 knowledge then focus on the following list and test your memory when you get to the other end!



Your complete A to Z list of Dog Breeds


A to C of Dog Breeds

D to K of Dog Breeds

L to R of Dog Breeds

S to Z of Dog Breeds

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