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Cute Shiba Inu puppy.

Shiba Inu

You can expect your Shib to be spirited little dog. In fact the Shibu Inu is known to have a fiery, bold personality. So don’t be fooled by the humour in the Doge memes. Find out more here.

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Chinese Crested Dog photo

Chinese Crested

Who knew that all you’ve ever wanted was a Chinese Crested dog? The Chinese Crested dog is actually the couch potato’s dream dog! Find out more here.

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Pomeranian puppy photo by Puptology.


Super cute and very easy on the eye, Pomeranians can do a great teddy bear impersonation. But Pomeranians are more than just a pretty, happy face. Way more! Find out more about the Pomeranian here.

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