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Some say that owning a Shiba Inu isn’t just owning a dog, it is a way of life. The question is of course is it the way you want to live your life? Shibu Inu’s have been made famous by the meme Doge and they now have two a crypto currencies named in their honour. There is the Doge coin named Doge or the Shibu Inu coin named Shib. Win or lose in this market, it certainly has pull, even Elon Must has shown his support for Doge coin!

Of course this is not a crypto currency website and we are in no way suggesting you invest. What we’re interested in the dog itself. Is the Shibu Inu way of life the life for you? Or is a quick internet search of Doge memes enough of a fix? Did you know the Shibu Inu was originally bred to flush birds and small game for hunters? Internet fame definitely wasn’t on the agenda. The Shib is one of Japan’s six native spitz breeds and he has a unique personality that would-be owners need to be aware of.

Expect a feisty, bold companion

You can expect your Shib to be spirited little dog. In fact the Shibu Inu is known to have a fiery, bold personality. So don’t be fooled by the humour in the Doge memes, Shibu Inu’s aren’t always that funny! They are alert, strong willed, intelligent and generally good natured if well trained. But funny, not so much. What they are however is athletic. These dogs move effortlessly and with stealth, their hunting background ensuring they will be ever keen and alert.

The Shibu Inu also possesses an air of superiority. You see despite some stubbornness and the potential for a temper, these confident dogs seem to possess a calm dignity that is as mesmorising as it is memorable. And what’s more, they have a smile that when captioned with grammatically incorrect monologues such as ‘wow’, ‘so mystery’ and ‘such unsure’ appears to worth millions!

So if you’re into memes, exercise, consistent dog training and a having loyal Zen friend then the free thinking Shibu Inu might be for you. However if you’re looking to make millions in the meme market then sorry, that ship has sailed!

In terms of post script, we should also mention that another tendency of the Shibu Inu is possessiveness. The Shib can be quite protective of his stuff, so sharing toys with your kids may not be a favoured past-time. Co-habitation with cats is also unlikely to go well. Despite this however, the Shibu Inu can be a devoted and loyal family dog provided he is socialised early, gets a daily workout and is well trained.

For many Shiba Inu owners it is this dog’s pluck and courage that is part of the charm so if it sounds like the dog for you then welcome to the Shib way of life!









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Uh oh, it looks like Puptology is still looking for the right person to write lovingly about this breed. Could that be you? Scroll down to find out more. 

Uh oh, it looks like Puptology is still looking for the right person to write lovingly about this breed. Could that be you? Scroll down to find out more.

Uh oh, it looks like Puptology is still looking for the right person to write lovingly about this breed. Could that be you? 

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