If you’re looking for big fun in a small package, the Yorkshire Terrier might be for you. Don’t underestimate this pint-sized pup as a mere handbag accessory. Sure this glamorous little dog does like to travel in style (Gucci handbags preferred!), but jokes and handbags aside, these lovely little dogs are full of personality and charm.

High levels of empathy

Beyond their handsome looks, these dogs endear their owners with affection and loads of empathy. They’ll pick up on your feelings with ease and do their very best to comfort and entertain you. The flipside to their alert and intuitive natures, is that they can also be a little on the nervy side and scare easily. This has the potential to lead to a some fear driven bad behaviour, such as barking or, lo and behold, biting. So be sure to train your Yorkie well in their younger years and let them know that the only bravado they’ll need in your care is a puffed up chest and haughty smile to pull of the designer label look. Hang on we said jokes aside.

Yorkshire terriers are truly beautiful little companions, they love to play and have quite an adventurous streak. You can expect a loving and devoted companion who will do his or her very best to scare off intruders and keep you safe. Their small size makes them suitable to apartment living, though a small backyard will be heaven as they love to sniff and explore.

Character traits: adventurous, affectionate, endearing, loyal, feisty, fun, busy and bold.

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