The charm of the English Bulldog is easily that fact that they look quite vicious and scary when in fact they are like great big lazy teddy bears who would love nothing more than to smile at you and lay by your side! So if you’re a big dog kind of person but don’t want the responsibility that goes with some of the more athletic or aggressive breeds then the English Bulldog may be for you.

Make sure of course that you have the have muscle power to lift this guy should he need a bath or a vet, this is not the dog for people with bad backs!  A full grown English bulldog can weigh up to 25 kilos, which we’d like to say is all muscle but English Bulldogs also have the propensity to pack on the pounds. This size and a large lung capacity means the English Bulldog can also let out an almighty bark! Hoo-ha, it can certainly put you on edge when you walk past a property with one of these big fellows bellowing at you from a balcony. The good news being: burglars be gone! No-one in their right mind is going to risk that alarm system.

Weight watchers and reputation management

So we’ve established that their may be a wee weight issue with the English Bulldog. You see the English Bulldog will happily become a couch potato if given half the chance and while that can be quite delightful, it’s not entirely healthy. The English Bulldog can also appear a bit frightening to your guests, as his extremely strong stature and loud bark is a little threatening. So too is the Bulldog’s heritage. Bulldogs descended from fighting mastiffs that were used for bullbaiting in medieval Europe: an horrendous sport that involved setting a pack of dogs upon a bull.

Thank god for gentrification! Today’s Bulldog is an affectionate, loyal and loving companion who prefers to be dozing by your side than playing sport. Their signature smile and droopy faces speak to their sweet and loving dispositions. They are good with kids, though don’t expect circus tricks and extensive game playing. Their purpose in life is simply to be your friend and companion through as many Netflix series as you might indulge them in. They love love, they love you and they love food! Who could blame them.

A caveat of course is that the bulldog’s body is designed to fight. They don’t seek out action and they’ve been bred to be affectionate, but all dogs need good training. If you do choose a Bulldog you need to remember that their jaws are extremely large and strong. They are designed to latch onto an opponent and not let go, so if mistreated an English Bulldog could become a danger.

Character traits: lovable, loving, smiley, endearing, unique, strong, protective, loyal, intelligent, lazy, loud.

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