The Rottweiler or Rottie for short is a strong and intense dog with a definite buyer beware stamp. Yes, it’s true that in experienced hands these dogs can be trained and lead to become calm, confident and affectionate friends, but they are naturally suspicious of newcomers and can also become dangerous bullies if not firmly managed. Rottweilers have near superhero strength and the courageousness to match, but they can also play the role of the villain if not kept in check.

Those who love and respect the Rottweiler’s nature can nurture and lead them to become loving, mellow dogs who are protective on command but not vicious. If this is your plan however, you will have your work cut out for you. You see, Rottweilers seem to have a pretty fair idea that they’re high up on the food chain so they’re likely to test your leadership skills regularly to see if there’s room for a new top dog.

So when you look into those warm dark brown eyes and feel like melting just a little, do ask yourself if you’re Rottie friend is likewise enamoured, or are they sussing you out and planning your demise?

A natural guard dog

Rottweilers can make great police or military dogs due to their natural guard dog characteristics and it may well be best to leave them to this space. If you choose to bring one into your family home you will need to keep an eye on them, no matter how lovable they are, and be aware that some of your friends might politely stop coming over. A dog this powerful is bound to attract some judgement and inspire fear. Your Rottwieller no doubt will be trained to be as placid as a Shih Tzu, but the Rottweiler’s poor reputation will drive away many regardless.

So if you’re looking to get a dog as a way to meet people at the dog park – forget it! This is not the dog for you. As well as being a danger to people, Rottweilers can be a danger to other dogs also. The final word of warning if you do go down the Rottweiler road is to never, ever leave this dog to wallow in sadness on its own for long period times in the back garden. Rottweilers are social creatures and they want to be with you. Neglected dogs of any breed become troublesome dogs, but neglected dogs of a strong and aggressive breed become dangerous dogs.

The bad reputation Rottweilers have attracted is quite possibly the fault of ill equipped owners. Rotties absolutely can be raised into wonderful, playful, well socialised friends, but it takes genuine commitment, authority and knowledge to lead them there safely. Be 100% sure this is what you want because no dog deserves to wind up in a shelter owing to owners who can’t handle them.

Rottweiler Characteristics: strong, dominate, testy, affectionate, intelligent, playful, protective, fearless.

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