Pomeranians tend to have a personality than can be quite divisive: you either love ’em or you…….well, you don’t buy one if you don’t love them.

Super cute and very easy on the eye, Pomeranians can do a great teddy bear impersonation. They are fluffy and fun and seem to behold a perpetual smile. But Poms are more than just a pretty, happy face. Way, way more. They have some serious smarts packed into a small space and can easily run rings around a novice owner. Training isn’t always easy as they tend to have their own ideas of how things should be done, and on occasion can be prone to delusions of grandeur, and by grandeur we mean size. They don’t always seem to realise that size isn’t on their side and can be tempted to take on even the biggest dogs at the dog park so be sure to protect them from themselves if need be.

With all that said (and some of was said in jest), if you train this beautiful little fluffball well you can expect a loyal, courageous, smart and sophisticated friend who will be yours for life, giving you more joy, smiles and silliness than you ever anticipated. The sparkle in this dog’s eye is infectious, luckily they’re not known for destructive behaviour and they can do well in a small space. The emphasis is on consistent training, early socialisation and vocal intervention – don’t let this one get away with too much barking early on or their delusions will also have them thinking that operatic barking performances are just what the neighbours want when you go out! (Joking again – sort of).

Character traits: loyal, happy, infectious, fun, feisty, bold, beautiful, alert and intelligent.

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