The Labradoodle is a Poodle and Labrador mix that was initially bred by the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia. The plan was to create an assistance dog that had the temperament of a Labrador and the non-allergenic, low-shedding coat of a poodle. The question is, was the initiative a success? And the answer is both yes and no. Labradoodles have become increasingly popular since their introduction given their big teddy bear looks and potential non-allergenic attributes. But to date, the hybrid of the Poodle and Labrador continues to provide inconsistent results in terms of temperament and coat.

Many Labradoodles are blessed with the gorgeous, gentle, laid back and compassionate nature of the Labrador. Some have even won the genetic lottery and have additional smarts courtesy of the Poodle. Of course, there are others that are more highly strung owing to their Poodle gene pool. And now and then, there are those that are not much fun at all, which could be the result of nurture rather than nature.

Labradoodles usually have a low shedding, less allergenic coat than pure Labs. However, if you wanted to know definitively if your future Labradoodle would shed or not, the only advice we could give would be decidedly unhelpfully: it may shed or it may not.

Designer dog benefits

Hybrid or designer dogs have a lot of pros in that they often combine the best of two breeds and avoid some of the genetic health issues of purebred dogs. But there are no guarantees. If we look at the positives, Labradoodles will generally have a social and friendly temperament.  They are gentle when well trained and love outdoor adventures with an active family.

Labradoodles can be pretty energetic as puppies and have the size and strength to pull extremely hard on the leash or topple a child. So you may need to dedicate a lot of time to training. These lovable creatures are also pretty furry, so expect to become good friends with your local groomer.

Characteristics: affectionate, fun-loving, sociable, strong, boisterous, intelligent, tireless.

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