The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is a beautiful, doe-eyed dog that can give such enticing puppy dog eyes that even the non-dog lovers among us will be hard pressed not dish out pats and treats! The Cavalier is one the largest dogs in the ‘toy’ category, so she’s small but tough enough to handle a toddler! She’s also quite the athlete and will shine at agility sports and tricks if you spend the time training. So when she’s not leading the lap-dog lifestyle, which she generally quite enjoys, she’s happy to double as a running partner or join you for trips to the beach.

The King Charles Cavalier has a sweet disposition and loves her people, so much so she’s likely to be by your side at every opportunity possible. Her dependent nature means she doesn’t like being left at home for long periods and she’s definitely not an outdoor only dog. She has the spaniel’s love of food so try and resist those puppy dog eyes most of the time as she has the potential to become quite overweight, which is not ideal for her small frame.

Takes well to training

Cavaliers are intelligent dogs who are usually quite amenable to training and obedience. Positive reinforcement works wonders with them, so it helps to remember that this sweet and soft natured dog won’t respond well to loud authoritarian commands. They are quick to run and hide when afraid and can also be quite good at sulking.

These beautiful dogs have a very distinctive look. Their large bright eyes, cute snouts and soft silky fur add to their charm and popularity. Just be warned: they do shed and require regular brushing, trimming and grooming.

Character traits: sweet, playful, coy, regal, affectionate, fun, gentle and amenable.

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