The Havanese is a spritely pocket rocket that doubles as a top notch lap dog. This delightful little guy is fun for all the family! He’ll happily while away the morning playing games with the kids and entertaining them with his agility and acrobatics. And will just as happily snuggle up on your lap while you tap away at the keyboard or take in a bit of couch time for your favourite series. He even likes the cat and is quite indifferent to the cat’s indifference!

With long silky hair and the looks of cute teddy bear, it’s no surprise the Havanese was bred for Cuban aristocracy back in the 1800s. The dog became renowned for loving it’s owners and hence was the given the nickname ‘velcro dog’ given it’s tendency to always be close by.

Of course when we dub the Havanese a lap dog it’s important to clarify that it is by no means a sleepy lazy little fellow. Havanese are very energetic and intelligent and will thrive with obedience training and tricks. If you’re looking for a circus performer, the Havanese may well be your dog!

The Havanese are generally affectionate and gentle which makes them a great match for kids. They don’t much like being alone so if you work long hours you might like to think twice. This little guy needs you nearby and if you give him plenty of company and indoor rights you’ll find you have a loyal friend who’s eager to please.

Character traits: happy, energetic, cuddly, intelligent, loyal, loving, devoted, agile, fun.

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