German Shepherds: you either love ’em …..or you had a gorgeous dog called Ben who was bitten in the eye by one and blinded for life and then you don’t love ’em so much. But author-subjectivity aside, German Shepherds have a really strong following and are renowned for their intelligence, loyalty and great working dog ethic!

An Heroic Breed

A well-trained German Shepherd can excel at nearly any task given. It can be trained as a guide dog, a drug detective, a search and rescue superstar or a cooperative and able family member.

It was actually German Shepherd search and rescue dogs that were used after the 9/11 terror attacks to crawl through the crumbling World Trade Centre in search of survivors and they provided a great deal of comfort to rescue workers and concerned families alike.

An active, well-trained German Shepherd can showcase some of the very best K9 traits. When put to work this dog truly shines and will use it’s steely courage, intellect and superior strength to protect and please. So if you’re holding out for a hero that’s gotta be strong, that’s gotta be fast and is possibly fresh from a fight, then the German Shepherd might just be for you.

A capable handler required

Keep in mind that this dog needs a capable handler who is willing to put time and consistency into his training and who has the muscle power to keep any misdirected aggression at bay. Once trained and accepting you as top dog, the German Shepherd can be a true delight and trusted friend.

So the issue of the author’s earlier subjectivity is not so much about the dog but the owner. Don’t buy this dog if you think you’ll have an heroic search and rescue specialist without any work. German Shepherds can be suspicious by nature so couple this with it’s size and strength and an untrained or neglected German Shepherd can be a danger. Do buy it however if you love German Shepherds and see the hours spent together in training as reward in itself. Remember also that the bigger the dog the bigger the bark. Vocal training is a must!

Character traits: intelligent, alert, suspicious, courageous, athletic, strong, resilient, decisive, loyal, dedicated, hard-working.

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