If you’re looking for spark in a super small package the Chihuahua might be just the guy for you. When treated with care, this gorgeous little guy fills the room with personality and pride, and given his small size, he is well suited to apartment living.

If you’re a novice pet owner or not interested in long walks or runs then you might appreciate the fact that this little firecracker requires minimal exercise and grooming. Of course with the small size comes the need for extra care in the health and safety department so be sure you to do your homework to determine if you can meet a Chihuahua’s needs. This charmer is likely to need you to step in and protect him when facing bigger dogs.

It’s no surprise that the Chihuahua gets a ten out of ten on the cuteness scale, but did you know that the Chihuahua also gets kudos for being a good watchdog? Ok so he’s not going to take down an intruder, but he is likely to raise the panic alarm and let your neighbours know there’s means for concern.  Which tells us that yes, the Chihuahua can bark! Being small and vulnerable means the Chihuahua can be prone to anxiety and may feel the need to compensate by raising it’s voice! Of course when trained and raised with care, your Chihuahua can learn to feel safe and protected and mind it’s manners. And if you tire this little guy out with some stimulating games you’ll find he has very little to complain about.

Character traits: vibrant, affectionate, intelligent, protective, persistent, amusing and adorable!

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