What a super cute little bundle of fun the Boston Terrier is. Expect action packed adventures, loads of laughs, heaps of affection and energy to burn. Boston Terriers are a small package full of personality and punch. They’re lovers not fighters so can prove a safe and fun family pet that are robust enough to tolerate and join the play of young kids. Just be sure you have the time train them, because if left to their own devices their playful natures, natural exuberance and amazing agility can become can combine to become a true force of nature. A whirlwind of zaniness or a gentle, cute and funny companion, the outcome is yours for the choosing – to train or not to train is the ultimate question.

So I think we’ve established that Boston Terriers are lively dogs, it’s actually part of their charm. It does mean however, that they need regular exercise and stimulation. That said, as long as you’re committed to taking them out they can still thrive in apartments or smaller homes. Of course they’d love a bigger yard if you have one – what dog wouldn’t?!

Affection overload

One of the greatest joys for Boston Terrier owners is the amount of excitement your bundle of love will exude every time they see you. These pocket rockets sure know how to express their affection. Anticipate excitement overdrive every time you return home where you’ll be met by an avalanche of kisses and quivers as this little rascal dances away in pure joy at your arrival. You’ll rock his or her world just by being you. It’s a nice feeling!

Character traits: lively, fun, quirky, loving, excitable, gentle, affectionate, memorable, social.

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