The Bernese is a mountain of a dog and one of four Swiss mountain dogs. This dog’s friendly disposition can certainly win some hearts, but novice dog owners beware. The is a very, very large and strong dog that requires a competent handler to ensure it’s high energy is kept in tow. Of course if you’re up for the challenge they can make loyal family dogs, great watch dogs and with the right training, friendly and social family members who are ever ready to welcome newcomers to the door with a big lick. Speaking of which, it’s probably best that you don’t mind a bit of drool and are comfortable with a bit of shedding too.

Bernese needs

The Bernese Mountain dog has a coat that is long and thick, so it’s definitely worth investing in a good stick vac! The Bernese will need regular grooming, and keep in mind there’s a lot of dog to groom. It’s also fair to say this dog probably won’t appreciate an apartment. They need room to stretch their long limbs and will thoroughly enjoy playtime with you. They excel at obedience training, which is good because at that size it’s important to do quite a bit of training at a young age to ensure they understand there’s no rough housing small children and animals.

They’ve got a pretty hefty bark too, so best to add some vocal training to your agenda. But don’t worry, the time you spend training your pooch adds to the bond between you, which is reward in itself.

Character traits: friendly, boisterous, protective, loyal, social, affectionate, intelligent, sloppy, lovable, cuddly, big! 

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