The Australian Shepherd loves to be needed! Working dogs at heart, they are happiest when their agility and intelligence are put to the test. They can prove great family dogs for active families who will take the time to give these loyal creatures the activity and adventure they require. I.e., this dog is not a couch potato. Pats and cuddles are great but follow it up quickly with a game of fetch please! And while that might sound tiring, once you see their infectious smiles, you’ll feel well rewarded for your patience. In fact, before your know it, you’ll have whiled away hours with a slobbery stick in hand and feel nothing but sweet satisfaction. Of course, if you’ve got a farm and few sheep, this dog will be in heaven. But that doesn’t mean they can’t adapt to urban life.

Put exercise on the agenda

The Aussie Shepherd may well become your personal trainer as exercise is high on the agenda. If raised well, they can become social creatures and may love the attention they get at your group outdoor training session. Just be sure you’ve got the energy to keep up and gates to keep this dog in! Aussie Shepherds love adventure and have the athleticism to escape low fences. So make sure they are secure if you don’t want them rounding up the local kids or cars! Oh, a word of warning, if you don’t socialise them young, they can become a bit fearful of strangers and less friendly than ideal. So raise this dog right from the start!

If you keep your Aussie Shepherd stimulated and exercised and put the time into training, you’ll find you have a beautiful, loyal companion who will give more than their share of smiles!

Character traits: energetic, adventurous, curious, intelligent, aware, sensitive, loyal, fun.

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