West Highland Terrier

Smiley West Highland Terrier

The West Highlight Terrier is a big dog in a small body! This gorgeous little guy is all confidence and charm, he is sturdy and strong and walks with just a wee bit of swag!  Always eager for a good time or a game, this is an entertaining dog who can uplift you with as little as a look!

An active friend in need of adventure

Westies are adorably cute with their snow white locks, black button nose and teddy bear ears, so you could be forgiven for mistaking the Westie for a lap dog. But the truth of the matter is that while cuddles, pats and snuggles on the couch are well received, the Westie’s infectiously happy mood is the result of adventure and play.

Whether he’s chasing the scent of a rodent or inspecting the garden fence for holes (we recommend making sure there are none by the way) the Westie will be in his element when he’s active. So daily walks and play time are a necessity and open ended games of fetch will endear you to him forever!

Overall West Highlight Terriers are reasonably easy to train and are generally social, friendly creatures. Just remember to teach them not to dig early! This little guy has a nose for adventure and strong hunting instincts, so guinea pig owners beware! Best to make sure the neighbour’s bunnies are also securely housed as the Westie loves a challenge.

But keep him (and small fluffy things) safe and secure and you’ll have a wonderful, jovial friend for life!

Character traits: cheerful, smiley, adventurous, alert, busy, social, sporty, loyal and affectionate.

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