Shih Tzu

Adorable Shih Tzu puppy.

Holy Shih Tzu, this is one great dog for a meme. But potty jokes and memes aside this gorgeous little dog is much more regal than phonetics might have you believe. I Shih Tzu not!  In fact the name Shih Tzu means ‘little lion’, not because he is a fierce little fellow, but because he resembles the lions in Buddhist art, which are considered to represent royalty and leadership.

The Shih Tzu originated in Tibet, but became famed in China where they were kept and coveted by royal Chinese families during the Ming Dynasty. And while their royal lineage might make them a little haughty at times, their true nature is as sweet as honey.

Lap dog extraordinaire

They make sensational lap dogs as they would love nothing more than to lap up pats, pampering and plenty of snuggles. They’re not as vocal as some other small dog breeds which can be kind on the ears and as long as they’re socialised early, they tend to get along with just about anyone. Just make sure kids appreciate that their small stature means no rough play, especially when they’re pups.

If you’re looking for a small best buddy who who can adapt to apartment living, join you on the couch for cuddles, and shower you with unconditional love, this may be the dog for you. Short walks and playtime in the back yard may be all your Shih Tzu needs in terms of exercise so he’s also a good choice for seniors and the less active among us.

Polite, peaceful and trusting, with a slight stubborn streak, Shih Tzus are definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a small indoor dog.

Character traits: regal, loyal, sweet, lazy, lovable, adoring, fun.

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