Maltese Terrier

The Maltese has been blessed with looks that have turned heads for centuries. A favourite lapdog of the ancient Greeks and Romans, this stunning snow white dog is every bit as easy on the heart as it is on the eye.

Maltese have a cheeky and lovable nature and love being around their people. They are a good choice of pet for apartment owners or novice dog owners as they cope well in a small space and respond well to obedience training. They don’t particularly care for their own company, however, so if you need to leave your dog on its own for long periods of time the Maltese might be better left to another owner. Your neighbours will thank you as loneliness can lead to barking.

Maltese are agile, spritely little guys, so you can have a lot of fun teaching them new tricks, they’ll love it too – as pleasing you is high on their agenda. They’re usually pretty sociable but like many small dogs they can attempt to disguise their vulnerability with some anti-social displays if they’re not well socialised and trained. But treat them with kindness, companionship and gentle control and your love will be returned tenfold.

Maltese Characteristics: friendly, spritely, loveable, affectionate, cuddly, cheeky, super fun and super sweet.

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