Jack Russell

Adorable Jack Russell puppy.

What can we say about the Jack Russell? There’s something to be said for ensuring your puppy’s personality matches your own. Are you full of energy and struggling to sit still right now, full of intrigue and rabid excitement?

If the answer is no then walk away now! The Jack Russell is not for you. This little dog is high octane! Full of passion and joy de vie, the Jack Russell is not for he feint of heart! This dog has serious sprite. But look at those eyes, we hear you saying. And yes it is true, Jack Russell’s are cute and very likeable little fellows, there is not a bad bone in their excitable little bodies. The thing is, Jack Russell’s are very active. They can be super humorous and fun, just be aware that when you start to tire of the games, they do not!

Hunting origins

Jack Russell Terriers were bred for fox hunts. And to that end their fast pace, strong prey drive and endless energy was a true boon. They are bold, athletic and eager to please. Their friendliness with people is only hampered by the fact that they don’t always know how to reign in all of the love they feel, so unless well trained expect a jumpy little dog who will love nothing more than to jump as high as he can to give you a kiss.

Poor Jack Russell, we are being subjective again. They make entertaining and loyal friends who do have the smarts to temper their enthusiasm for life with proper training. If you’re a newcomer to dog ownership, however proceed with caution, this dog is likely to run rings around you both literally and figuratively!

On the plus side you can teach this dog to do some incredible tricks. Keep him busy, make sure the fences are high and escape holes sealed and you’ll find you have a happy and affectionate family friend and pet. Careful with young kids though, as he’s likely to jump all over them in play.

Character traits: happy, energetic, intelligent, energetic, loyal, energetic, agile, energetic, fun and fit.

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