French Bulldog

Cute French Bulldog puppy

There is something super endearing about the little snorts French Bulldogs give when they’re having fun. Their beautiful short snouts and squishy faces are usually all smiles and delight. So if you’re looking for a dog to light up your life and become your new very best friend then the French Bulldog is certainly one to watch.

Muscle mania

The French Bulldog is a charming small dog, who’s muscular frame means it can quite easily cross the divide between big and small dog lovers alike. Loaded with muscle, this is not the small dog for anyone with a bad back. This is one nugget of a dog that is so heavy even a newborn seems to weigh a ton! Forgive the cheekiness but with pure muscle comes kilos so you want to be sure you can lift this little guy when he needs it and handle him on a lead.

That said despite the muscle power, he’s not an elite sportsman, he’ll love cuddling up on the couch just as much as play time so make sure you’re ready to include him in family time. Remember that he’s got very little interest in looking in through closed doors. The French Bulldog also loves being the centre of attention and will likely compete for time and affection with friends, family and other pets. Of course he’s so cute you’ll probably want to shower him with attention anyway.

Frenchies have a pretty good reputation for having a relaxed, cruisy attitude. They’re also reasonably intelligent, they don’t bark excessively and are easy to train. On the downside they can have quite a strong will, so if they decide they don’t like your training games….well good luck with that! All in all the French Bulldog is a quirky, cute and hefty dog that makes a great mate and gives plenty of wholehearted smiles.

Character traits: optimistic, happy-go-lucky, intelligent, super fun, smiley, lovable, loyal, hilarious, heavy.

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