Doberman photo card by Puptology.

Are you looking for a pet or police dog? If it’s the former, are you (a) laid back or are you (b) a highly disciplined sports enthusiast with a strong arm, commanding voice and a few free hours in the day for intensive training. If you didn’t answer b then we suggest you move on, the Doberman is not for you.

Doberman Pinschers have a bit of bad rap when it comes to anger management. The originated in Germany and were bred to become guard dogs which they excel at. They are highly energetic, strong, alert and courageous. They will protect their people and their turf with formidable intent and as a result can do well as military or police dogs.

Is this really your next family pet?

Are Doberman’s good family pets? They certainly can prove effective family guardians if safety is a concern and they are a popular bred. But it takes disciplined and ongoing training to nurture a Doberman to become a gentle, loving family member. And even then, while they may not be looking to start a fight, but they will happily finish one if the wrong people come by through the window.

So if this breed is one you’re considering, it’s important to ask: do you have what it takes to adequately train this dog to be a loyal and protective friend that you can trust with your children and guests? They can be trustworthy, but it takes a committed owner who can manage the immense strength of this dog. You’ll also need to ensure your Doberman gets the intensive exercise it requires, plenty of mental stimulation and that you become the clear ‘pack leader’.

If that sounds like you, then rest assured that a kindly treated Doberman can become a loving family member. If you’d prefer not to do the hard yards however than a different dog might be more your thing. Shih Tzu anyone?

Character traits: strong, protective, watchful, fierce, loyal, intelligent, active.

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