Cute Corgi puppy.

The Corgi or Pembroke Welsh Corgi to be precise is the stuff dreams are made of. Imagine being so favoured by the Queen that you were given your own room at Buckingham Palace. So favoured that you were allowed to widdle on her antique furniture and not a voice would be raised. So revered that the Queen created a royal cemetry reserved only for you and your bloodline! Such is the life of the adorable little Corgis lucky enough to live with Queen Elizabeth, who has owned more than 30 Corgis during her tenue as Queen all of which are from the bloodline of her first Corgi called Susan.

Royalty or farming stock?

So are Corgis truly worth the Royal homage they are paid? They certainly exhibit the self assured confidence of royalty. They stand tall, perfectly comfortable in their stout little bodies, and perfectly adorable with their sparkling eyes and smiles. But of course like all dogs their personalities range and can be very much a product of their environment. From happy, smart and fun-loving to snappy, snarly and stubborn, Corgis can make great pets and they can also be true troublemakers. The key ingredients of course are love, training and time.

Corgis come from a farming background where they were traditionally herding animals responsible for keeping strays and pests off the family farm. So they are wired to be alert and their ears will often prick at the slightest of sounds or change in environment. They quite like to alert you to these discrepancies and can be prone to overreact with barking. So shall we say it again: good training is imperative. The caveat of course is training with treats. Corgis really do need to watch their waistlines as they are apt to pack on the pounds.

They have also been known to nip at a hand or heel or two, as Queen Elizabeth could testify. The Queen needed three stitches after she was bitten by one of her Corgi’s back in 1991. Of course any dog can bite, so before we give Corgis too bad a rap it should be said that these cute little dogs are exceptionally loyal and usually most eager to please their family.

In short Corgis have tremendous personalities and when treated well with lots of exercise and training they are cheerful, humorous, trusting and most endearing! Just be sure they know who’s boss!

Character traits: loyal, active, funny, endearing, feisty, independent, alert and cheerful.

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