English Cocker Spaniel

Treat her right and the English Cocker Spaniel may prove to be one of the most Devine creatures to ever walk this Earth. Loyal, devoted and in tune with her owner’s every step, this delightful dog will be your very best friend for life. Even when she passes the beautiful memories she gave will last a lifetime. Cocker Spaniels are true companion dogs and they need your companionship as much as you might need theirs. They thrive when truly part of the family, so you can expect some retaliation if you shut them outside in the cold.

It’s true that Cocker Spaniels have a strong hunting drive, they were bred to be hunting dogs in England. So you’ll need to watch them around cute white fluffy things in their younger years.  This prey drive can also see them being protective toward you and your family but they do mellow with time.

Intelligent, fit and easy on the eye

Cocker Spaniels have been blessed with the trifecta of good looks, athleticism and smarts. They rank 18th in  in Stanley Coren‘s The Intelligence of Dogs, which means training your pretty pooch to become an upstanding K9 citizen should be a cinch!  When treated kindly, they seem to exhibit genuine empathy and compassion toward owners and can spot a household member in need of a big sloppy kiss from a mile away. Treasure this beautiful creature and you’ll enjoy 12 to 17 years of fun, fitness, cuddles and care. Go easy on the treats though, as this is a dog with an endless appetite. Forget to shut the pantry door at your peril!

Character traits: sweet, affectionate, loyal, loving, fun, friendly, active, social, hungry and mostly easy going.

Learn more about the Cocker Spaniel from our breed profile.

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