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Who knew that all you’ve ever wanted was a Chinese Crested dog? The Chinese Crested dog is actually the couch potato’s dream dog! You see there is nothing this dog will like more than being snuggled up next to you on a long Netflix binge. So bring out the popcorn and settle in with your newest devotee.

It follows that Chinese Crested dogs have little desire to run around the dog park with the other dogs. And why would you if you were forced to go out in public near naked? That said they’ve got plenty of athleticism so can jump over your couch with ease to find the comfiest spot! They’ll also happily jump up on the bed to snooze next to you at night, and do expect them to want to be under the covers as cold is not their friend.

Needing your protection

If K9 nudism is an issue for you, then as well as the hairless variety of Chinese Crested dogs there is also the Powderpuff variety that comes with a full coat and is equally as comfortable with couch cuddles. These slim dogs are both elegant and graceful, yet despite their beauty they are easy prey for school yard bullies given their unique appearance and high sensitively. Chinese Crested dogs are quite clingy little dogs who want you as close as possible for protection and comfort. He loves his loved ones with unbreakable attachment, but is wary of strangers so be sure to teach that biting is not on….yes even when those strangers are making fun of him, how dare they snigger and call him ugly! This little guy has rock star looks and is a meme in the making!

The good news for apartment dwellers is that the Chinese Crested does well in a small space. He makes a loyal and devoted family pet who is affectionate, endearing and full of love and fun. If you do have a backyard, this dog will love playing it, but make sure it’s secure as their athleticism and tendency to dig makes them keen escape artists!

Character traits: devoted, loyal, loving, needy, affectionate, fun, funny, agile and athletic.

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