Brussels Griffon

Gorgeous Brussels Griffon puppy

If you’re not familiar with the name Brussels Griffon then memorise it now because this is a dog that should truly have its name in lights. What a personality this little guy has! This course-haired dog was originally bred to hunt and kill rats, but with his unique and quirky smile we think there’s plenty of room him on You Tube – could your Brussel’s Griffin become the next K9 superstar?

Of course that’s not a reason to buy a dog. Dog ownership is a two-way exchange of love and a one-way street when it comes to care and you need to be able to provide that care. Brussels Griffins are affectionate and fun, and while not a high-needs dog they do need you! While they love a snuggle and are emotionally sensitive they may not be content with lap dog status as they are spritely little dogs that love playing games, or getting up to mischief if you don’t give them games to play! For an active pet owner this can provide a lot of joy. And for the adventurous among you, you’ll have a companion who loves accompanying you on your many and varied outings.

With his cheeky little grin, the Brussels Griffin is a sure-fire conversation starter which is great for those dog owners wanting to get social.

Brussels Griffin Characteristics: big hearted, gentle, alert, inquisitive, compassionate, fun, funny, sturdy, even-tempered.

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