Cute Boxer puppy.

The delightfully goofy and adorable Boxer is one of the clowns of the K9 world. With their big long limbs and playful nature, Boxers love a fun romp around the garden. Decidedly clumsy, they can appear to have a little less grey matter than some of their K9 counterparts, but truth be told they’re quite an intelligent breed. Of course intelligence doesn’t always equate to easy to train!

Being full of beans and somewhat rambunctious means that while Boxers may well understand what you want them to do, many times they simply don’t want to do it. Boisterous fun seems much more rewarding! They also mature a bit slower than most dogs, so you can expect to see your slippers being chewed for at least three years! But don’t be discouraged, we’re exaggerating a bit as we sometimes do. Provided you establish yourself as top dog, Boxers absolutely can be trained to become dignified, loyal and calm companions.

Exercise and training are essential

Boxers generally have a lot of love and affection to give and their brave natures mean they can be trained to become good watch dogs. Also on the plus side is the fact that grooming is a breeze: i.e. there is none. Beyond that, these dogs love playing with their favourite kids, so if you’ve got a high-energy brood a Boxer could be a great match! Just remember that daily exercise is a must, as is early socialisation because Boxer’s can show aggression toward other dogs if not properly trained.

Character traits: goofy, lovable, funny, foolhardy, affectionate, brave, loyal, devoted and playful.

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