Border Collie

Cute Border Collie photo.

Well bite me Border Collie, this is a dog that doesn’t always play nice with the other dogs at the dog park. Traditional farm dogs, Border Collie’s are known for an intense stare that they use to round up sheep. But what happens when there’s no sheep to round? Well if you see that stare pointed at a cuter, smaller, fluffier and more amenable dog then head for the hills. The target’s in sight and this dog knows how to latch on and clamp down.

Oh how cruel we are. Border Collies are stunning animals with a smile as bright as the sun and an intellect to match. The problem is that while they can make good family pets, it’s important that owners never try to turn them into something they’re not. Border Collies have no interest in being laid-back lazy dogs that while away the weekend with you!  Never, ever in their wildest dreams will this be on the wish list. Border Collies are brilliant working dogs, in fact you couldn’t wish for better. Their energy levels seem to be backed up by endless reserves and their keen intellect means they’ll thrive on tricky tasks. This dog does want your approval and rewards, but first it truly wants to earn them. Border Collies aren’t looking for cuddles, snuggles and molly coddling. They’re like action movies on four legs, they need adventure, they need a purpose and they need a job.

If you can’t give a Border Collie what it needs then welcome to the dark side. Border Collies can easily direct all of that pent up energy into ill advised pursuits such stalking the neighbour’s Bichon or herding anything that moves, including your kids, cats and cars.

Exercise pays off

You’ll need a lot of energy to keep up with the Border Collie’s stamina, so if fitness is your thing and you’re looking for a loyal friend to pound the pavement with then a Border Collie could make a great companion. He loves space to stretch his legs and will thoroughly enjoy completing meaningful tasks for you. This is his happy place, he really does want to fetch your slippers!

If you’re interested in obedience and agility training then you can really expect this dog to shine as his agility and keen interest are second to none. So train this dog well, keep him active and engaged and appropriately leashed and you’ll have sensitive soulmate and your neighbours will still have their Bichon Frise.

Character traits: energetic, intelligent, loyal, agile, intense, smiley, methodical, task-oriented.

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