Bichon Frise

Cute Bichon Frise.

The Bichon Frise is a sparky little dog makes a great family pet who can alternate between playtime with the kids and couch snuggles with ease. Famed for their beautiful bouffant when smartly groomed, this white teddy bear is both agile and intelligent. They are also very gentle and forever smiling so if you’re looking for a feel good companion the Bichon is certainly worth considering.

Just be sure to let your little companion know early in the piece that you are the top dog or they’ll be running rings around you in no time. There’s a sparkle in this dog’s eye that sometimes makes you wonder if they’re planning their next cheeky act to test the hierarchy.

An affectionate breed

Bichon Frise often have big personalities are extremely lovable. They’ll lap up as much affection as you’re willing to give and the excitement they feel when you return to them after an outing will melt your heart! Just make sure your outings aren’t too long as this pampered little pooch prefers company to time alone. They can suffer separation anxiety and their high pitched bark will let neighbours know when they’re unhappy!  Some early vocal training for this lovely little cotton ball is therefore recommended. P.S. they love it if their owners work from home or know a good puppy sitter. Game time is also key as their active little minds need lots of stimulation.

Character traits: noble, happy, playful, cuddly, loyal, intelligent, happy, and just a tad manipulative!

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